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Books: Rare Medium Well Done

MJ Willow's writings, drawings and sewings

MJ Willow
12 April 1984
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  • broken_moons@livejournal.com
'Lo. I'm Broken Moons (AKA MJ Willow), and this is my little LJ palace.

I write. Most of it's slash, though I do actually have a few het stories. And occasionally I write stories that have no romance whatsoever, but those are rare.

In real life I'm a shy girl and don't let anyone read my stories. Which is stupid, I know. Also, I'm currently employed in a small publishing house focusing on the geosciences, but of course ultimately the plan is to make big $$$$$ with my writing.

My DevArt account and my website are also places you might like to visit, especially if you're curious about my older stories (DA and site) or my art (DA only). I use my Tumblr mainly to reblog interesting stuff and to post photosets of the clothes I make.

Also, I write on a lot of things at the same time, and my other hobbies include costuming, reading, drawing and making music. As a result, everything takes ages to finish. This is a fact of life, deal with it.

I feel compelled to post here something I said at TSR in response of a question how the hell I juggle all those stories: "It's like my head is like a hotel, where each room and its occupant(s) represent a story, and though a lot of the time most of the guests are having breakfast in the lounge downstairs and I have to cater to all of them, sometimes I can just go visit a certain room and focus on that story entirely.
The Windserpent Saga is like those rich, eccentric guests that show up in the middle of the night, demand a penthouse and then proceed to bring in more of their rich, eccentric friends for a smashing party that just doesn't seem to end, and you don't care because they bring in money and secretly you wish you were famous and rich as well so you like to stay on their good side.
Given the hotel analogy, my brain is a Hotel California, because no one ever checks out. (I wish they did, sometimes - but at least some of them take day trips and I've got quite a few funny old geezers who just lock themselves into their room and have me leave breakfast by the door)."

I must give props to kandybar for directing me to shoebox_project, and also for beta'ing Silver Ashes for me. And lady_akatari for giving me a funny quote for one of my icons.

I follow some great other authors out there, whom I recommend to everyone (unless you came here through them). maderr write amazing fantasy of the slashy kind, and some sci fi as well. Her Lost Gods series rocks. tygati writes the most insane (and sometimes insanely cute or insanely sexy) stories. I may love her fanfiction of M's Kidnapped even more than Kidnapped itself. No, scratch that, I know I do. sashalmiller is insanely busy with real life, but inbetween she writes the best threesomes. Seriously. If it weren't for her I wouldn't know I had a kink for threesomes and brotherslash. GO READ.

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